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Is someone you know suicidal?

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Is someone you know suicidal?
Coping with the failed suicide of a loved one




If anyone (even your nearest and dearest friend or relative) attempts suicide contact the emergency services at once. Even if they beg you not to.


Emergency Service Hotlines

Australia OOO. Canada 911. Eire 112.

New Zealand 111. South Africa 000.

United Kingdom 999. United States 911.


If the emotional crisis they are going through is now so severe that they are actually in the process of ending it all, then only professional intervention will save them.


In this situation you really have no alternative as a Human Being. You must put their survival first. Even if it costs you his or her love or friendship.


If possible, stay with them or get others to stay with them. Try to ensure that they are not left on their own with anything which they could use to commit suicide. 


If they have taken drugs try to find out what kind of drugs they were and how many they have taken and relay this information to the emergency services. 


When speaking with the Emergency Services try to remain calm and be as clear as you possibly can. Breathing deep can help. Remember, the better the Emergency Operator understands the situation - the better they will be able to respond to it.





If someone you know is threatening to commit suicide take them very seriously.

There is a danger that by dismissing a threat of suicide as melodramatic; and the person confessing as being  a "drama queen seeking attention" - that this rejection could actually trigger a suicidal act. 


Some people going through a suicidal crisis are so emotionally fragile, that having to cope with one more feeling of rejection can be the straw that broke the camel's back.


So-saying, by dismissing them out of hand has been known to result in some people  'staging a suicide' in the hope that they would be discovered and saved. All too often people are not discovered, nor are they saved.




It could be that you are the first and only person that that he or she has confided in. If this is so, it could have taken a lot of time, and every last ounce of courage that that person had left to do this. 


The fact that they are alive and feel able to confide in someone, and that someone is you, are all very positive signs. This being so, your response is very important to that person, but do not panic. He or she has chosen you for a reason. Don't worry too much about saying exactly the right word. It's very likely that he or she needs someone simply to listen at this moment.


Remember that whoever it is that is opening his or her heart to you is also exposing their weaknesses and pain. They know that they run the risk of ridicule and rejection yet they still choose to tell you. He or she is taking this enormous risk because he or she knows you, trusts you, maybe even loves you. But above all: In this dreadful moment, you above all others have got their faith



Put yourself in his or her shoes. Who would be the one person that you would turn to in time of a major personal crisis..? Of all the people in the World, which is the one person that you would choose to confide in?


What is required of you ?

(The situation in a nutshell)


  • The first thing to do is diffuse the immediate crisis.
  • Once this has been done it will then be  possible to begin to resolve the underlying issues which resulted in the crisis in the first place


It is your presence and support which is the most important thing to him or her at this precise moment. Sometimes it is simply enough for that person to know that you are there for them, no matter what. The best thing you can do at this precise moment is to make yourself a nice hot drink. Enjoy a few moments to yourself, and when you're ready move on to the next page. Please remember that this website is intended to help you with this difficult time, but I can't make us hot drinks.


Try to relax. The important point to remember is that suicide is preventable and so far,everything

is looking very positive.

Try to persuade him or her to seek professional help or encourage them to call The Samaritans. If he or she doesn't want either of these options, invite him or her to to check out the DASI WEBSITE:  http://johnnessuno.tripod.com  This could provide a number of options2suicide, and to the way they are feeling, and assist you both in your endeavours to cope with this truly difficult experience.


If a loved one has confided in you that he or she is feeling suicidal, you are probably experiencing a sense of stunned disbelief at this moment. Rather like a numb feeling.


This is natural. Such news often leaves a person feeling confused, shocked and totally unsure as to what to do. Do not worry, this is quite normal.


Thoughts such as: "What did I do wrong?" and "where did I fail" (etc) often accompany feelings of failure, futility and even guilt only add to the general bewilderment caused by such an emotionally frightening bolt out of the blue. First of all breathe slowly and deeply. Make yourself a hot sweet drink and don't panic. Believe it or not, this terrible situation is not as bad as it will seem at this moment.


Given the shocking nature of the news you have just received or discovered - the feelings which you are experiencing are probably perfectly natural. This itself is a very good sign.


However, the feelings of being a failure are misleading. Bearing in mind that it is you above everyone else on this planet that has been confided in speaks volumes about you as a Human Being.


You are clearly held in the very highest esteem by the person reaching out to you for help. This proves your value to the person concerned. He or she is going through a terrible ordeal and is in a very frightening place. But the point is that they have broken their silence and raised the subject with you. This itself is a very healthy breakthrough.


This site is here to help you cope with this scary situation. But, you need to relax and read a little information to help you understand the overall picture a little clearer. It should only take a couple of minutes to read but should be of help to you at this time.


What is suicide ?


Suicide is a silent killer which stalks everyone on this planet regardless of age and gender. It can destroy any family regardless of race, culture or profession. From the rich and powerful, to the poor and vulnerable. In this respect, suicide is not only a great leveller, it is also the enemy of every family and community on planet Earth.


This being so, it is imperative that we learn how to combat its effects in order to protect our own families and those that we love. The following 'webpages' are dedicated to addressing this need.


Welcome to hope.

Not knowing what to do when faced with a crisis can be a terrifying experience.


Not knowing what to do or say, when confronted by a loved one having suicidal thoughts and feelings can be a major shock. Being faced with such a frightening event often creates feelings of helplessness. Especially when all of your instincts are telling you to help and you simply don't know how to.


Unlike physical injuries which can be treated with splints, bandages and plasters; a broken heart cannot be mended. There is no point in reaching for the FIRST AID BOX as there is nothing in there to help you when you need to administer EMOTIONAL FIRST AID. Work is underway to construct such a much needed item. Please click below.



In this nightmare situation, a caring, non-judgemental supportive presence is the best assistance anyone can offer to someone who is emotionally devastated. Just being with a person who is suffering at the time that your presence is most needed is vitally important and will be experienced by that person as being an extremely positive help.


Bearing in mind that suicidal thoughts and feelings are extremely frightening for the people experiencing them. The resultant anxiety and confusion only complicate matters further and add to the crisis.


People going through this darkness believe that their lives are utterly intolerable and their overwhelming desire is to end their emotional existence. However, being Human Beings our instincts to survive are strong and so the person is in conflict with themselves.

It is at this point that we encounter the fundamental paradox of suicide. This paradox is most beautifully framed in Shakespeare's immortal words   "to be or not to be".      

I do not believe that anyone would really want "to die" unless the pain of living was too great to live with.  But we do choose "not to be" in an emotional Hell. Not to be in an unacceptable condition at a particular time.

"Not to be " in this impossible situation

"Not to be" in this intolerable pain.

"Not to be" in this agonising anguish.

"Not to be" suffering.

"Not to be" in this misery.

"Not to be" in pain.

"Not to be" here.

 All too often this desire not to be results in a suicidal act. But the intention was never to die, simply "not to be"


We need to assist people in crisis to recognise that what they need to do is not 'to die'  - but 'not to be' in whatever (condition) it is ,which is making their life impossible. Sometimes this will require a professional counsellor, othertimes, just a good friend. Sometimes psychotherapy - othertimes lots of hugs and cuddles.


By being there and supporting a person to survive their darkest hour, there is a danger that you will become a rock for the person to hide behind. For your own peace of mind you need to 'guide' him or her to other sources of care and support. This is where self-help support groups and other support groups are invaluable. I've included a large number of leads in the DASI WEBSITE. Encourage him or her to research what is best for them


At the end of the day there is nothing wrong with having suicidal thoughts and feelings - but it is wrong to act upon them.


So, when someone confides in you that they are experiencing such frightening thoughts. Do not be afraid.


They are reaching out to you as the one person who can save his or her life.


This is an awesome responsibilty, but you can do it. If this person is a loved one, please don't punish them because of their feelings, please love them unconditionally.


DASI Individual support: A close friend you can trust


If your friend has informed you that he or she is feeling suicidal they are reaching out to you.


        Listen carefully to what your friend is sharing with you.

        Let them know that you are there for them

        Be non judgemental.

        Re-assure them that you really do want to help.

        Acknowledge that your friend has a problem.

        Dissuade them from doing anything reckless.

        Don’t encourage them to use drink or drugs.

        Encourage them to talk and show you what’s wrong.

        Encourage them to indulge in activities which they like.

        Applaud their achievements

        Applaud their efforts

        Remind them of better times which they enjoyed.

        Resist the temptation to lecture.

        Encourage them to plan ahead

        Assist them to develop a simple survival plan.

        Defend them against the ignorance of others.



Basically be a friend when a friend is needed most.


Hopefully by now you are over the initial shock of discovering that someone close to you is going through Hell, and is even contemplating death as a means of ending the emotional pain that they are going through. But be cautious, his or her ego may be far too fragile to handle criticism at this stage.


If you are the parent of a child experiencing such thoughts; stay calm. Your first instinct will probably be to shout and react. This will not help and will probably make things worse. Indeed, this could have tragic consequences.


Take what they are saying seriously. Remember they are placing enormous trust in you by sharing their innermost secrets. Imagine the damage you could cause by laughing in his or her face at such a crucial moment.


This being so it should be accepted that this is not the time to shout, lecture, ridicule or scoff. This is a potentially lethal situation. Someone needs your help to survive it. This is not the time or place for comments such as "calm down" "don't cry" "it could be worse" "don't talk stupid" "pull yourself together" "get a grip of yourself" "is that all" or "it's God's Will" etc. Such comments really do not help anyone.



Listen and Care





You need to be non-judgemental, supportive, caring and patient. Ideally,  encourage them to talk, but not to the point where he or she feels that they are being interrogated or pressured. Show that you care and reassure them of this. It is always a good thing to know.


Don't blame them for the way they are. Their inability to cope and their failure to do the most trivial of chores etc. But applaud their achievements. Encourage them to participate in activities they used to enjoy and (whenever possible) give them unconditional support.




Take good care of yourself. Don't take on too much pressure and responsibility. Helping a person come to terms with such a frightening experience is a massive resonsibility, but, don't do it alone. You need to look after yourself and your own health It is probably wise to discuss this difficult situation with your doctor, or someone else that you can trust.


Things to remember

  • Listen very carefully
  • Offer your assistance
  • Provide a listening ear
  • Reassure them that they are safe
  • Help with everyday tasks
  • Allow them private space
  • Try to guide - not, to push.
  • Don't take their anger or other feelings personally.
  • Speak calmly with a soft voice
  • Encourage them to share their feelings
  • Acknowledge their feelings
  • Do not lecture or trivialise their feelings
  • Re-assure, be supportive

Don't be embarrassed to show you care. Let them know that you really do care and that you are there for them. 



Click here to access an AUSTRALIAN site which will provide you with a TOOL KIT for HELPING SOMEONE AT RISK OF SUICIDE.


Further advice and information can be found at the main DASI WEBSITE to enter please click here

The following Canadian website is entitled "Living with someone who is suicidal " and I hope that the information it contains is of use to you in this difficult time