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Think what you're leaving behind
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Think what you're leaving behind
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Stop and think for one moment about the message we leave behind....
When we kill ourselves we leave behind a very harsh but unmistakeable message that no-one close to us - not our parents, our children, our spouses, our lovers, our friends, or anyone else we know, is worth a shit.
Our suicide states this in the clearest possible terms. Not one of them (not even our entire families) meant anything to us at all. This is the clearest possible message for those closest to us.
Our final message to them is that they are worthless, and deserve to be abandoned, because we have abandoned them - we would leave the message that they were never good enough to be loved, cared for, respected; that their love for us was not good enough and not enough, that their love for us was absolutely worthless - and they would live with that message for the rest of their lives...
We will also inflict the most cruel guilt trips upon those we abandon. Everyone we talk with, associate with, work with, share with, spend time with  - be they friends, colleagues or just acquaintances. This actually has a name, it's called 'survivor guilt' and it's not a nice thing for anyone of us to inflict upon another.
Thanks to survivor guilt, those we abandon will fill their lives beating themselves up by endlessly reliving what has happened over and over and over again. Questionning,  blaming and even punishing themselves for our deaths. Thanks to survivor guilt, some will be forced to experience much more pain than we will ever experience. Frequently, survivor guilt leads to the suicide of someone who has been abandoned.
It doesn't matter what soothing sentiment we include in a suicide note. The unmistakeable message of our actual suicide is ... I would rather die than live with you in my life.
Is this the message we really want to leave?