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Shock News, Serious Research has linked drinking alcohol with suicide.




Alcoholics are reportedly three times more likely to commit suicide than non-alcoholics. But we do not need to be alcoholics – even if we are moderate drinkers and don’t drink to excess – our chances of attempting suicide are almost twice as high if we drink than if we don’t.


According to one eminent researcher. “It appears that there's something about alcohol that has a dis-inhibiting effect on people who have been thinking about killing themselves and makes them impetuously act on that impulse in a way they wouldn't if they hadn't been drinking,"


In other words, the same lack of inhibitions which allows us to make complete idiots of ourselves; could (in certain circumstances), provide the perfect vessel for suicide.


This being so, when any of us are going through a personal crisis, but want to live to see it through – we need to avoid the booze. I know that it is easier said than done, but we do become stupid when we get drunk.



Similarly, users of other drugs are also just as likely to try to kill themselves as those who drink alcohol.  The suicide risk for the users of other drugs such as marijuana, inhalants and heroin are about the same

as they are said to be for users of alcohol. But the actual risk of suicide increases dramatically when a person is a user of more than one drug. 



While smoking marijuana may be just as likely to provoke a suicide attempt as drinking alcohol, someone doing both is in significantly greater danger.

One study observed that, someone using two drugs is 4.2 times more likely than a non-user to attempt suicide, and the odds go up from there, depending on the number of drugs being abused.

Even relatively casual drinking or drug taking is dangerous for those of us who are actually thinking of killing ourselves.

Research into this area revealed that among the sample, those exhibiting alcohol and substance dependence exhibited a higher likelihood of attempting suicide than non-dependence.

The problem, is that when many of us are depressed, going through a suicidal crisis, or are becoming actively suicidal, we do turn to alcohol or drugs to self medicate ourselves.

The lesson that we need to learn is that neither alcohol nor drugs have ever solved anyone's problems, instead they do make those problems worse.

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