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The nature of LOSS
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To understand the nature which LOSS has in SUICIDE we can analyse every 'reason' given as a 'trigger' for suicide;  and then look at the emotional response in terms of what 'loss' did he or she endure.

For example: In the case of BULLYING
He or she (the victim) would probably experience the Loss of self-esteem. Loss of self-respect. Loss of self-worth. Loss of confidence. Loss of trust. Loss of faith. Loss of liking for others. Loss of interest in things previously enjoyed etc. This could become a long list.

Whenever the question arises: "What makes someone want to take his or her own life?" The following type of list of situations is usually presented as an answer...

  • Any form of abuse - emotional, physical or sexual, past or present
  • Any form of relationship breakdown - sepapration or divorce
  • Death of a partner, family member or close friend 
  • Previous suicide attempts or deliberate self-harm
  • Exposure to suicidal behaviour in others, particularly another’s suicidal death
  • Parental separation or divorce
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Homelessness
  • Legal or court action
  • Financial crises such as job loss, drought, bankruptcy 

If we analyse the above list from the viewpoint of identifying the loss endured we can clearly see the hidden role of loss in suicide inspiring events.
This being so, I have taken the first three categories on the above list and very speedily looked at them from the viewpoint of Loss. I hope that this proves the point.

Any form of abuse - emotional, physical or sexual, past or present will involve a loss of trust. A loss of self-esteem. A loss of self-worth. A loss of confidence in self and others etc.


Any form of relationship breakdown - Marriage breakup sudden separation or divorce etc. All of these will involve a loss of identity. A loss of role. A loss of companionship. A loss of partnership. A loss of emotional dependency. A loss of complacency etc


The death of a partner, family member or close friend. Bereavement involving the loss of someone with whom our lives were entwined has to be the greatest loss of all. How many kinds of loss can you associate with loss caused by bereavement?