Youth Suicide

Suicide Causes & Warning Signs
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Suicide Causes & Warning Signs

Suicide causes


Given that when any suicide takes place, the ‘victim’ takes the real reason for their action with them. (Suicide notes can be used to conceal the truth) Seeking answers to the question why do young people take their own lives - can never be fully answered. Having said that, the following have actually been identified as 'triggers' for youth suicide.

  • Trouble at home
  • Change in family dynamics (i.e. new mother or father 'substitution', new baby, older brother or sister moving out, mother or dad lost their job, eviction )
  • Change of schools
  • Difficulties at school
  • Bullied at school
  • Relationship break-up
  • Social struggles
  • Balancing school, work, social life, and family relationships
  • Facing an environment that encourages drugs, alcohol, and sex
  • The natural separation from parents
  • Dating
  • Learning to accept themselves with or without talents and abilities
  • Getting good grades for college/university
  • Getting a part-time job
  • Choosing a college/university 
  • Choosing a career

I must confess that some of these triggers really did surprise me.

Warning signs

The ‘warning signs’ for teenage suicide are said to include the following…


  • Direct and indirect suicide threats and an obsession with
    stories, poems and artwork that involves death and dying.
  • There can be an obvious and dramatic change in behavior appearance and personality that can appear irrational and bizarre.
  • The most common ‘signs’ involve changed eating and sleeping patterns coupled with an inexplicable loss of application in school or college.
  • Typically, potential suicides (teen or otherwise) end relationships and give away once-valued possessions.
  • Increasing difficulty in communicating with others leads to isolation, which is evidenced by lengthy and brooding silences.
  • Commonly, feelings expressed whilst in these moods involve being crushed by overwhelming sensations of guilt, shame or morbid reflection