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When we find ourselves troubled by suicidal thoughts and feelings: we need to remember that these terrifying thoughts and feelings are temporary. They are terrifying – but they are temporary. Moreover (according to the world’s professional mental health authorities) our suicidal thoughts and feelings are said to be “treatable” – this means that we are also “treatable”. Being “treatable” doesn’t mean that we are our “condition” because we are not. But when the condition is suicide; it is one condition we cannot afford to become.

Our greatest danger at the moment is that we “allow” our suicidal thoughts and feelings: to “overwhelm” (and take over) “all of our other” thoughts and feelings. When this happens a highly dangerous obsession emerges taking us one more perilous step closer to eventual suicide and death.

Our ever-heightening level of suicidal risk rises dramatically when we “allow” our embarrassment to prevent us from asking others for help. When our pride “allows” us to stop ourselves from telling others about what we are going through. When our shame “allows” us not to share with family and friends. Nor speak with anyone face-to-face or even by telephone. When we “allow” ourselves to do all of this, we not only cut ourselves off from others; we also cut ourselves off from any possibility of help from others. When we allow this – We deny ourselves everything. We deny ourselves………Life

Experts from around the world are of the opinion that to survive, we need to communicate with someone as a matter of some urgency. Almost universally, the message is that we find someone that we can trust and talk with them truthfully.

However, not all of us are able to speak with others face-to-face, or even on the telephone. Some of us feel so nervous, anxious, threatened, afraid, vulnerable and threatened: That to open our hearts and reveal our true thoughts, our true feelings, our true selves (etc) would be a humiliation too painful to survive. Given this choice some of us deliberately choose to remain silent and die rather than be judged badly by others.