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The Paradox of Suicide
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In Shakespeare's immortal words "to be, or not to be" we find the fundamental paradox of suicide. The paradox being that "not to be" does not have the same meaning as "to die". I do not believe that we wish "to die". We simply choose "not to be" in a particular condition at a particular time...


Not to be in this impossible situation... Not to be in this intolerable pain...Not to be in this agonising anguish...Not to be suffering... Not to be here...Not to be...whatever is causing the suffering.

All too often, this desire not to be, results in acts of suicidal behaviour.  But the intention is never to die simply not to be.


This being so, there is a paradox in the answer to the question to be, or not to be? The answer is both to be and not to be. To be (in terms of being alive) and not to be (in terms of being in pain). Clearly then life is not the issue, it is not a choice of life or death. The crisis begins when we become overwhelmed by suffering.  Choosing not to suffer is understandable. The real problem is when there appears no possible escape.


This being so, these sites are intended to serve as a signpost directing anyone going through a suicidal crisis to sources of help - coping strategies, support groups etc. Any or all of which could literally make the difference between life and death. It is hoped that by identifying options (such as the right coping strategy) it will be possible to convert the need 'not to be' into the desire'TO BE'