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Legacy of Suffering
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Aftermath: Legacy of Suffering
Someone once defined suicide as 'a permanent solution to a temporary problem'. This charming nonsense disarmingly misrepresents the dark reality of suicide...
Suicide is an irreversible act that does not end pain - it simply passes it on to those left behind.  It is a deadly SEDUCTION which continues to devastate entire families, regardless of culture or race.
Not only does it kill individuals from every social background and profession, age and gender. But it also destroys the lives of many others - especially the victim's loved ones = family and friends. 
By one simple act, which was beyond the power of the loved ones to prevent or understand, their lives are brutally disfigured forever.
Through no fault or action of their own, these people  are transformed into  Survivors of Suicide.
The term survivors of suicide refers to the family and friends whose lives are shattered by the suicidal death of a loved one. Each year their numbers are swelled by MILLIONS of newly bereaved. These are the true victims of suicide.
Each year, hundreds of thousands more people are left confused and lonely, following the suicide of a loved one; leaving them at higher risk of depression and suicide themselves.
It has been estimated that each suicide impacts profoundly on the lives of six other people. This being so, survivors of suicide represent the largest mental health casualty of the act of suicide